A Preview of Spring

February 19, 2017 10:35 am
by: MyBackYardGetAway

The weather here has been fabulous for the last few days! I am loving it…cautiously, because I don’t want to get too spoiled. Then I will be so disappointed when winter returns!

So, I am looking at it as a preview of what is to come…hopefully soon! I am trying to enjoy every minute. My arc hammock stand was still sitting out in my back yard, all lonely, without a hammock. So, I went in the garage and dug one out to lay in for a while. It was awesome!

Cacoon single blackI enjoyed my walk in the woods yesterday, so much, that I had to repeat it again today! I tried a different trail that I could see through the bare tress yesterday. This one brought me out right at the lake…as the sun was setting!

It was absolutely gorgeous! I was , once again today, reminded that I would have missed this had I stayed in. Sometimes we just need to lace up the hiking shoes and get outside, even if it’s colder than we like. I rewarded myself this evening with some restful reading in my cacoon hanging chair in the den!

Winter Walk in the Woods

February 6, 2017 6:38 pm
by: LiZa

codorus-hiking-trailI needed to get out in nature and enjoy the warmer weather we have been blessed with today. I walked on a trail through the woods that I have been on before, but in the summer. It was interesting to see where I actually was, in relation to the lake, with all the bare trees.

I caught the sun going down through the trees and it reminded of nature’s beauty. I would have missed that beauty had I decided to stay inside in my Byer of Maine hammock chair and be lazy! I am so happy with myself for getting out and getting some fresh air!

Superbowl 2017

February 5, 2017 12:38 pm
by: LiZa

hammock chair in standI don’t even necessarily like football, I don’t completely understand it, and I had to look up who was even playing! But I am excited about the Superbowl tonight! I have a handful of fun appetizers prepared and am looking forward to seeing Lady Gaga perform the half time performance!

I know it will be spectacular, as is everything she does..what a lot of talent she has! I will have the TV on the whole time, for the commercials, of course. But while the game is on, I will be snacking and reading, in my hammock chair stand!

Superbowl Weekend

February 4, 2017 10:44 am
by: Healthy Hammock Lady

broccomoleI found some healthy Superbowl snack recipes on the internet today. I will definitely be trying this one tomorrow! It is a lower fat version of guacamole, made with broccoli, instead of avocados. I realize that avocados have a lot of good, healthy fat, but I want to try something new.



3 cups chopped broccoli
1 jalapeno, chopped, seeds removed
2 tbs green onions
1 tsp olive oil
2 ounces fat free cream cheese (or silken tofu, goat cheese, sour cream, cashew cream, something creamy)
1/4 tsp chili powder
1 tbs cilantro
1/4 tsp salt
1/4 tsp black pepper
1/4 tsp garlic powder


Cook the broccoli in lightly salted water until very soft. Overcook the broccoli in comparison to the al dente cooking that most recipes recommend.
Drain broccoli very well.
Transfer to a food processor. Add the remaining ingredients and process until smooth, add additional olive oil for a smoother texture.
Serve warm.

I am going to serve with chips, but also serve raw veggies to dip in it. After all, I have been doing a lot more hanging around inside the house, in my brazilian hammock chair, this winter, than outdoor activities! So, a little caloric cutting here and there is necessary!

Tuesday Night Movies

January 31, 2017 10:26 am
by: LiZa

Caribbean Jumbo Hammock ChairIt’s $5 Tuesday again! Tonight we are seeing Switch. It looks pretty creepy to me, but the rest of the family wants to see it. So, I will force myself!

Too bad we don’t have the recliner seats at our local theater. They are (almost) as comfortable as a mayan hammock chair! I could shut my eyes and go to sleep if it was too scarey!


Sunny Key West Kinda Day

January 30, 2017 10:21 am
by: Key West Hammock Lady

Arc hammock standI had a busy weekend, running here and there, and everywhere! I am so happy to be home alone today, just me, myself, and I.

My agenda for today: lay in my arc hammock stand in my sunny yard! That’s about it for today!


Sunday Hike

January 29, 2017 9:18 am
by: Greg the hammock man

travel hammockToday, I am going for a solo hike at my favorite local park. Everyone in the family is involved in other activities today that don’t include me.¬† Not much of a family day, but it happens at times, so, I just decided that some solitude might be nice.

It’s a bit chilly¬† today, so I might not be stopping for too long. But I’m going to bring along one of my portable hammocks in my backpack, just in case!

Hammocks in the Home

January 28, 2017 10:14 am
by: LiZa

Arc hammock stand with quilted hammockIt is very cold here outside, with no hope for a hang in a hammock out in the backyard for quite a while. I miss my quilted hammock in my family room!

That was BF, before furniture, haha! That hammock stand took up a lot of room and made that big empty room a bit cozier! Now, it is full of furniture and I miss my hammock!

Bliss hammock and hammock standThe perfect way to tell your hard working partner how much you appreciate them and lkove them is with the gift of relaxation! I don’t know what says relaxation better than a hammock?

If you give them a hammock stand set, it makes it so easy for them! No need to find trees or posts to hook to. The only decision is where to put it to enjoy it the most!