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Byer of Maine Olymp hammock standI am wondering if Mother Nature is bipolar, as it is a common illness many good people suffer with. She is extremely hot one day and freezing the next! Or maybe that is just a woman in general..? I can say that since I am one!

It is so windy and cold today that I can’t even dream of laying in my hammock. It is even  in a wooden hammock stand, which is sturdy, but I still  feel I would be blown away!

Time To Garden

May 9, 2011 12:27 pm
by: The Garden Decor Guru

Now that Mother’s Day is passed, it is supposed to be safe to plant outside. For the annuals and tender perennials, it is always safer to wait and the danger of frost is supposed to be over by now. Some of the later tulips are still in full bloom but it is okay to plant some annuals around them. This way they can get an early start for a long summer of constant color.

The  arc hammock stand can be a regal piece of furniture amongst the flowers in the yard. This is what some people refer to as a garden hammock. How enjoyable to take a little break after planting flowers to admire the beauty you added to your home!

Santa, this year, please bring me an arc hammock stand. Please bring a nice, big, wooden stand that looks like an arc. They call these Arc hammock stands. I have found the perfect spot for it in my great room. This is the biggest room in my house.

I am bringing my hammock in out of the cold. I can’t live without it for the next four months! I want to place the stand off to the side of my great room, near the bookshelf! I can see the fireplace from here. I am dreaming of many happy, cozy memories this winter. If you can do this for me, Santa, I promise to be good all year!

Do you have a large basement that your family likes to hang out in? Is it so big and you only have a few furniture pieces that get lost down there?

This is a situation that calls for the arc hammock stand! It is the largest hammock stand, made of sturdy wood, to hold a large hammock. Quite a large piece of furniture at 13 feet long! However, perfect to take up some space in your large room. What a great way to be able to continue using your hammock all year!