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Panama Hammocks

August 31, 2010 9:09 am
by: LiZa

Panama Hammocks is a hammock company that is based in San Diego, California. The owners are originally from Panama and they wanted to share their hammocks that they grew up with.

Their island hammocks are made of 100% cotton with superior materials and a great design. They are inspired by the beautiful colors found on the beaches and islands of Panama. These hammocks will add a bit of tropical style wherever you choose to hang them.

Mayan Hammock

August 30, 2010 8:45 am
by: LiZa

A Mayan hammock is handmade of raw cotton. First, the strings are produced to make them in many beautiful colors. They are woven with 100% cotton cord and nylon end strings for strength.

There are hundreds of people who weave the hammocks in their own homes in remote villages of the Yucatan, Mexico. They are woven to mold to any body shape, which makes them comfortable enough to sleep in.

We have been talking about productive tasks we can do in a hammock. How about those magazine subscriptions you pay for annually. They pile up and don’t always get read. How about the daily newspapers?

Well, now you have an excuse to use your hammock. You don’t want to waste your money. If you have a double hammock, you and your loved one can peruse through your magazines, sharing the interesting topics with each other. This can be  special  togetherness time also. Can you think of a productive hammock task?

So, who says you have to sit in a hard chair at your desk or table for all of your paperwork? How about taking your laptop out to your hanging hammock chair and paying your bills online? If you don’t pay online now, would this be a good time to tackle that learning curve? Maybe you’ve been putting it off? You hear it’s easy but change can certainly be hard.

Now, here is my favorite laptop work: online shopping! Save gas and valuable time by doing shopping at home in relaxation mode! You also have more selection online than running from store to store. The world wide web is at your fingertips! Remember this for the holidays!

Are you a meal planner? You can easily bring a calendar, cookbook, notepad, and pen to your hammock. Just prop yourself up with a hammock pillow and get to work on your meal planning.

You will feel as if you are accomplishing something useful for your family. You will also feel more organized for the week ahead and this will bring you peace. Now you have earned a well-deserved little nap in your hammock. Now use the pillow under your head! Enjoy!

Do you love your cotton hammock in your backyard but feel guilty when you relax in it? Do you feel you have too much to do to “just lay around”?  Well, there are certain tasks that can be done in your hammock and we are going to explore them.

You can take that pile of accumulated mail out there and sort through it. Just make a pile to save and one to pitch. Deposit that pile in the trash can before going back in your house.  Balancing your checkbook is another job that can be done in your hammock with just a pen and calculator. Are you getting the idea here?

Mexican Hammock

August 25, 2010 8:53 am
by: LiZa

There is nothing quite like a Mexican hammock! Most are made of  cotton for comfort and coolness. The  many rich, vibrant colors are what I like the best about them. Mine is called tequila sunrise, beautiful colors of red, orange, and yellow.

The Mexican weavers are hardworking people. They weave these hammocks from miles of strong, durable cotton cord. It takes several hours to produce  the finished product for you and I to enjoy.

Comfort in the Wilderness

August 24, 2010 11:38 am
by: MyBackYardGetAway

My family and I go camping several times every summer in order to connect with nature and bond with one another. One of the only rules we have on the trip is no electronics, which allows us to spend more time together as a family. Every year we pick up a couple of new camping supplies, so at this point I’m not sure if our little excursions officially qualify as “roughing it.”

This year, one of our new additions to our camping supplies was a portable hammock. Finding a comfortable place to sit and relax can often be a challenge at a campsite, and the hammock is a perfect solution. Since it’s foldable, it takes up virtually no space in the car and we can even use it in the backyard when we’re not camping.

Hammock Chair Stand

August 23, 2010 2:29 pm
by: LiZa

I would have to say that my favorite piece of furniture on my patio is my hammock chair stand. First, it is an unusual piece, something I don’t see everywhere. Second, it is the most comfortable seat there is!

I have a hammock chair hanging on my stand with a matching footstool. I take my book or my tablet and pen to write, sit down, and prop my feet up. I feel so relaxed, and when I am reading or writing, I feel more focused. I just love the swaying motion of hanging in my hammock chair.

Arc Hammock Stand

August 20, 2010 7:05 am
by: LiZa

Last summer I ordered myself an arc hammock stand. Honestly, I meant to order the arch stand for my swing. Imagine my surprise–it wasn’t an arch, but an arc! What a great piece! I wondered, “is this the size of Noah’s arc?”  No wonder the name!

So I purchased a beautiful hammock to hang in it and placed the arc hammock stand in the yard. What an impressive piece it was! It looked like a king or queen’s spot, so regal and large, sitting there in the grass. It was a mistake I am so happy I made. If you have the space, 13 to 15 ft, you can be a king or a queen too!