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October 31, 2013 8:48 am
by: LiZa

brazilian gigante hammockI will always remember the beauty my eyes have seen in the Badlands of South Dakota and Wyoming. I know there will always be things that remind me of the beautiful colors of the Badlands.

For example, when I lay in this Byer of Maine Brazilian hammock, the colors remind me of that beauty. It also brings back happy memories I made with my family on our long road trip.

October Suntan

October 30, 2013 5:10 pm
by: LiZa

obx hammocks rope hammockToday is the kind of fall day that, when the sun is out, you want a tank top and shorts on. Then, when the sun is behind a cloud, a blanket!

So that is just what I did! I took an afternoon rest in my Outer Banks Hammocks rope hammock in a tank top and shorts, with a blanket! How wonderful it was, feeling the sun, and hearing the crisp leaves blow around on the patio under my hammock!

Massachusetts-in-FallI went to see an old friend that I have not seen in a long time. She has a beautiful home in Massachusetts and in the fall it is absolutely beautiful. The leaves have all changed color and are falling on the ground. It makes the street and side walk look like it is painted with these beautiful colors.

I was suprised to see that my friend has a hammock chair hanging in her living room. She saw the surprise on my face when I came in and she immediately started to explain. She said that her most favorite thing to do is to lie in her hammock in the backyard. She loves the outdoors and I can understand why. So she put a hammock chair in the house so that she can enjoy being in it while she looks out the window. It is too cold to be outside but she can still enjoy the outoors from in the house.

BH-401_PatriotI just love my job!

I am a writer, and because of the internet, I can work from home. But even better then that, I can work from my Brazilian hammock in the backyard!

With my cell phone and tablet I have my office inside the hammock. I can lay back and talk or lay on my stomach and type. I am thinking about buying a second Brazilian hammock and putting it in the spare bedroom so that I can work from there on rainy days! Besides the love for your family, having a great job is very important.

Video Project

October 24, 2013 5:06 pm
by: admin

Outer Banks Hammocks quilted hammock - WaterfallI love when I get assigned video projects for school. My boyfriend’s addition on his house recently became finished, so I decided to film there. His Mom put a quilted hammock in there and it is big enough for four people!

Everyone wanted to hang out on the hammock! Now, whenever we take a vote on where to film, everyone wants to go to “the hammock house”, as they call it! Funny!


covered-rope-hammockThis year I was finally able to buy a hammock. Being on a tight budget I could not buy one before but I have always wanted one. After a lot of research I narrowed my search down to two types of hammocks. A rope hammock or fabric hammock. Which one to purchase?

I found out that the rope hammock is better for warmer climates and fabric hammocks are better for cooler climates. So that made my decision a lot easier. Since I live in a warmer climate, I bought the rope hammock. We are so happy with our new hammock and now we are saving for a hammock chair!

BH-404C_smallThere is nothing more fulfilling then going to work, putting in a good day’s work and coming home to family. In a nut shell, that is what it is all about. I had been unemployed for awhile and I found out that weekends were no longer fun if you do not go to work Monday through Friday.

After finding full time employment I decided to treat myself to something that I have wanted for a long time. I bought myself a hammock!  After some research I decided to go with Bliss hammocks. I choose them mostly because of the name. To me that is exactly what it is like to lay in a hammock, pure BLISS!

So now after a hard day’s work, I cannot wait to get home to my Bliss hammock!

campinghammockThis past summer my family started camping for the first time ever. It would have been difficult for us as a family to go camping before this because the kids were too young. But now at 5 and 7 years old we took them camping.

The one camping item that we brought that kept them entertained for hours and hours is the folding hammock. After I attached the folding hammock to the trees the kids were playing on it, ate on it and fell asleep on it. It was like having a nanny with us!

hammock-chair-stand-1I recently bought a house after living in apartments all of my adult life. My husband and I love having a home where we paint the walls, change the flooring, or do nothing at all.

One of my favorite things is the backyard. I have always wanted a backyard that I can turn into my retreat. I have planted flower beds and bought a nice patio set. The only thing missing is a hammock or hammock chair. I do not have trees to hang a hammock chair in so I thought that I could not have one. Then I found that I can buy the hammock chair stand and put it anywhere I want. Now my backyard and new home is complete.

sleeping-in-hammock2Sleep is one of the most important factors of our lives. It is right up there with air and food. We have many different types of beds to make us comfortable at night. With anything from a platform bed to a bunk bed, everyone rests every night in a bed.

Over 1000 years ago the hammock was considered the main form of getting rest. Originally the hammock was made from the bark of the hamack tree which is how the hammock got its name. Today that would be considered a portable hammock because you can get the bark anywhere you went.

I am glad today that hammocks are soft and fun to be in.