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japan-beaches-01I live about 3 hours from the ocean and therefore do not get to lay in the sand and catch a tan. I have always wanted to be able to go to the beach to catch some rays but job and family has made that impossible. I am careful with my tanning to make sure that I do not abuse my skin to the point where I could get skin cancer and I also have yearly checks with the doctor.

So, the next best thing I have found, because I cannot tan at the beach, is to catch some sun in my hammock. Because I am using a hammock stand I can move it from sun to shade as much as I want. I purchased a nylon hammock just for this purpose. The nylon hammock is mildew resistant and quick-dry so that makes it good for sun bathing. Sometimes, when I am laying in my hammock, I pretend that I am at the beach. I should check for wave sounds that I can play on my phone while sunning!