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JMHTCMCC-2When you are looking to buy a hammock,  there are many things that you need to consider when you are doing research.

Some of the most common questions are:

Durability – how many years do they last?
?Comfort – which hammocks are the most comfortable?
Ease to hang – are all hammocks the same when it comes to setting them up?
Keeping clean – are only cotton hammocks easy to clean?

One thing that I feel is overlooked is how much weight can a hammock hold?  I found that most hammocks can hold between four hundred to four hundred and fifty pounds. Butsome of  the Mayan hammocks can hold up to eight hundred and fifty pounds. This is important when you have  five or six kids climbing on it at the same time.

indoor hammock interior design design decor 1For centuries people have been sleeping very comfortably in hammocks.  Today people say that sleeping in a hammock has cured their back problems, they wake up feeling more rested and even have more energy during the day.

I have a Brazilian hammock that I am going to hang in the spare bedroom. I wanted to make sure that I hang it properly so I did some research to make sure that I know what to do. First it is very important that you put the screw into a wall stud. You can use a stud finder to find out where the stud is located. Also you have to use chains or rope to compensate for the distance from the screw to the loop. I am going to enjoy having a hammock to sleep in.

multicolor-mayan-hammockKeeping your hammock clean will help to extend the life of the hammock. First you have to tie the arms of the Mayan hammock  at intervals with cord. This will help it from unraveling and twisting.

Then you have to put the hammock in a closed pillow case. Then you can wash it in a washing machine. Be sure to dry the hammock quickly. The best way to dry it would be to hang it the sun to dry. Turn the hammock over to dry the underside.

beautiful-garden-sytle-backyardThe average person works very hard to make their yards and gardens beautiful.  And then there is the amount of money spent each year to buy new plants, bulbs and watering charges.

So it is not surprising if you don’t want to put a large screw in your beautiful trees to hang a rope hammock. You can purchase a tree hugger kit which comes with the straps that go around the tree. Then when you hang your rope hammock you won’t be hurting your trees.

getting-in-hammockHaving a hammock is one of the most pleasurable things in my life. There is no better feeling then to come home after a hard day’s work get a glass of red wine and lay back in the hammock.

I remember when I first got my hammock I had the hardest time getting in it! I fell out of the hammock a couple of times that first week. Then I figured out that I have to sit first like sitting in a chair and then I can lift my feet. I think that it is funny that most hammocks do not come with instructions to get in. Now I am an old pro with my Bliss Hammocks hammock.

raking-leavesEvery year in the fall I put away the patio furniture cushions, fold up the umbrella and remove the hammock and put it in the garage.  By taking care of my backyard furniture I am able to keep them looking good for many years.

Recently I found that Byer of Maine has a product called a hammock sock. This is really cool. You can slide the hammock sock over the rolled up hanging hammock (inline hammock only) and the hammock is completed protected from the elements. So now thanks to Byer of Maine I don’t have to put the hammock in the garage for the winter.

bug_out_bagWhile doing research to buy a new folding hammock I found out that any hammock that is lightweight is considered a folding hammock. I am buying this hammock as part of emergency gear to put in a bug out bag.

The nylon hammocks are the lightest I have seen so far. Not only are they the lightest folding hammock but they also fold up very small which is important when you do not have much room. For emergency bug out purposes this nylon hammock could have many purposes.

hammock-no-treesMost people think that they have to have two trees a certain amount of feet apart in order to have a hammock. Granted having the hammock hanging beneath two beautiful trees is ideal but not always possible.

Sometimes people will try hanging the hammock on a fence and put a wooden stake in the ground to hold the other side. But that is not ideal, the fence can break and the stake can come out. The best thing to do is to purchase a hammock stand. There are many different kinds to choose from, I like the wooden hammock stand. I have wooden furniture in my backyard so the wooden hammock stand fits right in.

Happy Mother’s Day

May 11, 2014 10:58 am
by: LiZa

Byer of Maine Brazilian hammockI wish all the mothers out there a wonderful and happy Mother’s Day, A day spent any way you wish.

Maybe you will get to relax! I hope that, if you don’t already have one, someone gives you a hammock or a hammock chair as a gift…something every mother needs!


May 10, 2014 8:58 pm
by: LiZa

Algoma Hammocks fabric hammockI’m sure I said it before, but I love, love Saturdays! The whole family is home and it’s great to be together! Some days we have plans, but I also just enjoy hanging around the house.

This time of year I like spending time on the patio or in the backyard, usually consisting of some time in my hammock.  I like to avoid crowded Saturday night restaurants, so I usually plan a simple dinner on the grill, that we can eat outside on the patio.