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Superbowl Sunday 2015

February 1, 2015 11:22 am
by: LiZa

gaucamoleI hate to admit this but I don’t even know who is playing in the Superbowl this year! It’s the truth. I am not at all interested in sports…but I do like the snacks, and the half time! The rest of the time I usually read while my family watches the game, everyone sitting in their own Algoma Hammocks butterfly chair.

This year, one thing I am making is a simple, healthy gaucamole! Here is the recipe:

Chunky Guacamole
Finely chop 1 small white onion and 1 serrano chile. Mix with 1 cup torn cilantro, 3 diced avocados, the juice of 2 limes and salt to taste. Simple as that! Enjoy!