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Winter Organizing

February 9, 2015 8:54 pm
by: LiZa

Hammock in the houseI have a few winter organizing projects planned for this winter. These are projects that need to be done, however, once nice weather comes, I can’t keep myself in the house to finish a project!

My latest project is organizing all of my CD’s. Wow! I have a lot of them, all over the house, car, and all different kinds of music. Some of them, I am like, “who is that”? But, I bought them at one time! So, I have been having fun getting reacquainted with some of my old music. It gets a bit tedious and I just have to get away from from it for a short time. That is when I take a break and lay in my Brazilian hammock in my den and listen to a whole CD. When it’s over, it’s time to get back to work.