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Hiking In The Rain

April 29, 2015 7:40 pm
by: admin

Travel hammockWell, it rained on our hiking day, so my hiking buddy and I opted for a detour to the trail: shopping and lunch! After all, we can “hike” around from shop to shop, then to a restaurant!

The rain finally stopped. But it was so windy and gloomy, and I ate too much for lunch, that, truthfully all I really felt like doing was stringing up one our camping hammocks and taking a nap!


4910Y_Alt5Spring has definitely sprung around here! Everything is green, except the beautiful blooming trees and bushes of yellow, pink, purple, and white. It is beautiful everywhere you look!

Just driving to the post office has become a treat, and I try to take different routes to see different sites! In my own backyard, the lawn is a beautiful bright green. I have a new Algoma Hammocks hammock that I have been enjoying the beauty from!

I was lucky enough to make it to the Washington, DC cherry blossom festival this year..two times! First, a few days early, and then, a few days late for peak bloom. This peak bloom is a tricky thing, affected all by the weather, of course, and the peak is actually only a day or so.

Well, I was just happy to see beautiful blooms, regardless, and enjoy their beauty. There were so many blossoms on the ground, it looked like a pink carpet. I just wanted to lay down on it. Or better yet, I would just love to take one of my travel hammocks and string it up between two trees along the tidal basin!


Algoma hammock chair standA beautiful April day like this makes me want to get my patio spruced up for spring and summer. First, it needs a power wash. Wow, did it ever get dirty from last year!

But the power washer makes it beautiful again! Next, I will want to find a new piece of furniture this year. I am thinking about placing a hammock chair stand in one of the corners? That would be a unique addition to my “outdoor room.”

Pawleys Island rope hammockI believe this may have been the nicest day of the year so far? I am loving this beautiful day! I had to just soak up the sun in my rope hammock for a couple hours this afternoon!

I even got a bit of a sunburn and I’m actually happy about it! I know the sun isn’t good for my skin…but it sure is good for my soul!

Byer of Maine Barbados hammock RainbowThis was a happy Easter day for me! It started with sunrise service at 6am. It was a beautiful morning, even if it was a bit cold. Then a wonderful, long-overdue run on the rail trail to birds singing and sunshine!

Then a nice afternoon meal with my loving family and mother. I bought my Mom a beautiful small Byer of Maine Brazilian hammock this year, hoping she will rest in between working like a crazy woman in her garden this spring and summer!

I am remembering years past to when my boys would love to find hidden Easter eggs that we painted. I would get up earlier than them and hide them around our outside. I tried to give them a challenge to find them, aimages we had lots of fun spots!

One time I put one behind the pillow of a quilted hammock and no one found it and I forgot it….at least for a week or so! After that I was more careful about retrieving all the hidden eggs!