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KW Large Carribean Hammock ChairToday is the day, as well as every day, when we need to honor our mothers. Aren’t they just a hard working bunch of ladies? I know my own Mother, even at 81 years old, can work circles around people half her age, especially out in the garden!

That is why I bought her a knotted hammock chair a few years ago for Mother’s Day. She has it on her patio so that she can sit in it and take a rest, while admiring her flowers!

I was enjoying the nice evening in my Pawleys Island rope hammock, when I was graced with the presence of my teenage son. He plopped in the other side and we had a nice chat.

I’ve learned you have to enjoy these moments teenagers bless you with.. But when it was time to get out, he just rolled out of it, well, halfway out, and says, “Mom, help”! Turns out he still needs his mother, after all!

Hammock stand by herb gardenI have had my rope hammock on my patio for a few years now and I have spent many enjoyable hours in it. The only problem is the size of the large wooden hammock stand it is in!

This year I want perk up the patio, so this calls for a change. I don’t care for all the real estate it takes up on the patio so I have moved it out to the grass where I can enjoy it just as well, yet have more room on my patio. I see some new chairs in the near future!

New Leaf Clusters

May 2, 2015 10:45 pm
by: MyBackYardGetAway

leaf clustersAnd…just as expected, the leaf buds have burst open , almost overnight to bunches of teeny, little leaves. There is still no shade for my hammock swings, as they are only millimeters in size.

But they grow amazingly fast at this early stage. In a matter of a week I will have shade for my hammock naps!

It’s May!

May 1, 2015 3:29 pm
by: The Garden Decor Guru

backyard hammockI suppose the “April showers bring may flowers” saying is true because everything is in bloom! Just from my Bliss Hammocks hammock in the back yard I can see many blooms. I can’t believe April is over, though, it went so fast. But May brings beautiful weather, especially planting weather, which makes me happy!

I bought some small herbs in 3″ pots at an herb show in April. Well, I have learned a lesson. Next year I am waiting until I am ready to plant them in the ground because I have lost a third of them due to the fact that they dry out so quickly, and fussy little plants and I don’t get along!