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Rainy Day

June 27, 2015 8:55 am
by: Greg the hammock man

Amazonas RainFly in meadow-LSo, I had plans to go camping tonight with my boys, but now there is a flood watch! There is 100% chance of rain today. I suppose we can go next weekend?

I just don’t feel like getting soggy in our tent or in a hammock. I guess I could try out my Byer of Maine Amazona’s rain fly, but that’s not going to help the boys. So, we might just stay dry and camp out in the basement tonight!

Algoma Hammocks butterfly chairIt’s raining…again. Truthfully, I was feeling a little grouchy about it too! But then I stepped out onto my balcony to see how hard it was raining…and was lured into my Algoma Hammocks butterfly chair.

So, I decided that, even though I was over all this rain, it was nice sitting there watching it and listening to it. I could’ve fallen asleep, it was so peaceful! I was also very surprised to see lightening bugs lighting up in the rain!

Bird Songs

June 24, 2015 10:00 pm
by: LiZa

Hammock chair in hammock chair standI finally did it! I ordered my bird songs CD! I am sitting here on my patio, in my Bliss Hammocks hammock chair, listening to this one bird sing the same song over and over.

I have to know what kind of bird this is. But I also read, in the CD’s reviews, that people recognized the sounds before they could recognize the birds. So, there’s more research…recognizing the birds by sight!

Stormy Evening

June 23, 2015 10:30 pm
by: LiZa

12OP-Studio2Summer is here, and with it come thunderstorms! It was so hot and humid today, a little rain sounded refreshing.Well, I was driving home when I kept seeing branches down on the road, and cars were stopped, and nice people were dragging the branches off the road for the cars to pass. I thought, “oh no! I hope everything is still standing at home”.

The first thing I did after arriving home was check the patio and backyard. All looked well, it didn’t hurt the Pawleys Island steel stand, but the pillows were blown out in the yard!

Happy Father’s Day 2015

June 21, 2015 12:42 pm
by: Queen of Relaxation

Byer Moskito Kakoon HammockFor Father’s Day this year, the kids and I got their Dad a Byer Moskito Hammock! He had been wanting one but never bought one for himself. Father’s Day was a great time to get him something he wanted and show him how much we all care about him and appreciate him!

He likes outdoor activities and spending time outdoors, including camping, and this hammock will keep the mosquitoes out on those nights he chooses to sleep in it! I personally don’t understand why one would want to do that, when there is a perfectly comfy bed in a bug-free, air conditioned home available..? But that’s why I am the Queen of Relaxation…and queens do not sleep outside in hammocks!

Byer of Maine Brazilian hammock I read the Queen of Relaxation’s blog yesterday, while lounging in my Brazilian hammock, so when I went for a bike ride today, I was practicing being mindful. I know that, at times, my mind is just darting around, not paying attention to the beauty around me. But today, I was aware!

The sky was blue, with beautiful white clouds, and the breeze was light. I saw so many birds, and heard them singing. I had to chuckle when I passed the farmhouse where the roosters are, because, who could help but hear them?!

Just Listen

June 17, 2015 4:11 pm
by: Queen of Relaxation

campinghammockMindfulness is the practice of being more aware of what is around you, more mindful. It keeps our mind out of the past and the future and helps us be more in tuned to what is happening around us.It does take practice, however, because our minds are used to wandering!

I especially like to be mindful in nature. One easy way for me to do this is to take along a folding hammock when I go out for a walk in the woods. I just stop, set up my hammock in a few minutes, plop in, and listen to all of the sounds from nature and I feel the breeze and I look at the sky…etc. It’s easy once you get used to it and it’s a great stress reliever!

Father’s Day Gifts

June 16, 2015 12:29 pm
by: Greg the hammock man

Byer of Maine travel hammockI can’t believe it’s already Father’s Day this weekend! My family always does well with gifts. They always get me something for the outdoors. I am probably like a woman with her shoes, with my backpacking hammocks!

Why would I need more than one? No reason at all, except some days I feel like this one and some days like that one! Haha! But I am lucky my family indulges me anyways!

A Hot Day

June 15, 2015 9:51 pm
by: Queen of Relaxation

Pawleys Island hammockToday was just hot! Wow! Humid too, which I could live without. My hammock stand was in the sun all morning and it was just too hot to be out in the sun without a pool! I prefer the shade for true relaxation.

So, I did all my indoor work all morning, all while keeping one eye on the backyard! When that sun went over the tall trees and blanketed my hammock in shade, I made a beeline for it!I felt it was a perfect barter…work, then rest…ahh, shade on a hot day! Zzzz


Strawberry Scones

June 14, 2015 9:59 pm
by: LiZa

imageI have been enjoying the strawberries I picked the other day! This morning I made the most delicious strawberry scones ever! Here is the recipe:


1 cup fresh strawberries, chopped
3 tablespoons sugar
2 cups all-purpose flour
2 teaspoons baking powder
1/4 teaspoon salt
6 tablespoons butter, in cubes, slightly softened
2/3 cup cream or buttermilk
1 extra tablespoon sugar to top


Preheat oven to 400F. Lightly grease a cookie sheet or line with parchment.
Cut fruit into small pieces.  If using fresh fruit, toss with 1/2 tablespoon sugar and set aside to macerate.
Combine remaining dry ingredients in a large bowl.  Add butter and combine using a pastry cutter, two knives, or (my favorite) very clean hands, until very well combined.
Add fruit and cream or buttermilk, and stir until it all holds together and all of the dry ingredients are just combined.
For little round scones:  Scoop 1/4 cup size mounds onto the cookie sheet with an ice cream scoop.
For more traditional triangular scones: Turn dough onto a lightly floured surface and knead a few times to get everything sticking together.  Sprinkle with extra flour if it gets too sticky.  Form into a circle about 3/4″ (2cm) thick.  Cut into wedges with a knife and transfer to cookie sheet.
Bake scones for 15 minutes.
Sprinkle tops of scones with reserved sugar and bake and additional 5-10 minutes until tops are golden brown and spring back when you touch them.

Enjoy with tea, on your patio, in a swinging hammock chair!