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Goodbye April

April 30, 2016 4:08 pm
by: MyBackYardGetAway

April was a changeable month this year..cold and windy to start. Then it was absolutely gorgeous with perfect weather for a couple weeks. The trees were blooming and everything was colorful and beautiful.  That was the reason I love April!

I placed a hammock with stand under my trees in my back yard and read and relaxed a few afternoons. Then, bam(!), cold and windy again! What a tease that was, however enjoyable that nice stretch was. So, goodbye April, you have been fickle and tricky this year!

Byer of Maine hammock chairI mentioned before that I want to learn the sounds of bird calls. I even purchased a CD set last year and started listening to it. I am sitting here in my Byer of Maine hammock chair, listening and watching the birds.

I just saw a cardinal, (I think it was, the sun was in my eyes) high up in the tree and it sang about five different songs! It makes me feel like I may never learn the bird songs when they sing so many songs!

Spring Is For The Birds

April 28, 2016 11:06 am
by: LiZa

Quilted hammock viewSpring is for the birds, literally…I mean there are birds everywhere in my backyard! I enjoy watching them, always so busy, and listening to the different songs and chirps coming from the trees.

I lay on my quilted hammock, under the trees, and try to find them. It is easier now, as the leaves are still new and small. But it won’t be long before the leaves are full size and the birds have a dense cover. Then I will only see them when they fly here to there.

Spring Cleaning The Flower Bed

April 27, 2016 3:04 pm
by: The Garden Decor Guru

Caribbean Jumbo hammock chair - OliveYesterday, I finished up my project of cleaning out the flower beds, raking off the leaves, getting rid of the woody perennial stems from last season, as new shoots are poking out of the ground.

This gives me the greatest feeling of accomplishment. I like knowing that my herbs and perennials have room to grow as I free them from their winter coat of leaves. I then sat down and admired my work, perched in one of my best hammock chairs. Another growing season has begun!

Early Evening Sun

April 26, 2016 7:02 pm
by: The Garden Decor Guru

Caribbean Jumbo hammock chairI love the late afternoon/early evening, as the sun is sinking down in the sky. It shines so brightly on my patio.

After an afternoon of yard work, it feels wonderful to sit in my mayan hammock chair and prop up my feet, pop open a cold beverage, and enjoy the last bit of warm sunshine. It’s all about the little things…

singleturquoiseboy water3A perfect way to enjoy the warmer months out in your back yard is to add a large hanging tree hammock, called a Cacoon, to one of your trees. This will hang easily from a tree, as it is light and easy to transport.

It will give you hours of enjoyment! Who wouldn’t like their very own little “cacoon” to hang out in, sheltered nicely inside from the sun and the wind. There is even a bug net to place over the door to keep those pesky mosquitoes out!

Beautiful Spring Day

April 19, 2016 6:46 pm
by: Queen of Relaxation

Algoma Caribbean hammock chair standFinally! I was able to spend the afternoon on my patio, in my hammock chair stand, actually soaking up the sun! This was long awaited..and well worth the wait. I finished my book and I took a nap.

I also looked around at all the outdoor work I need to do…and then I read some more! I promised myself I would do some yard work tomorrow, but today was a day for relaxation and renewal. We need to take these days, or even, moments when the opportunity arises!

Camping Trip

April 18, 2016 10:37 am
by: Queen of Relaxation

Byer of Maine traveller lite hammockThis past weekend was a long awaited camping trip for my family. It is a bit early in the season, however, we like this time of year. It is fun to be out in nature when spring is abounding with new life everywhere you look!

We take a few of our portable hammocks for afternoon siestas. However, a camper for night sleeping suits me just fine! That is “roughing it” enough for me! After all, I am the Queen of Relaxation, and I can’t relax as well in a tent!

Freaky Friday

April 15, 2016 11:29 am
by: Hammock Friend

Byer of Maine Brazilian hammock chairI am having fun with sayings this week! I love the movie Freaky Friday! Sometimes I actually do think of it on a Friday. I am not sure who I would want to trade places with, though? It would depend on if it were only for a day, as in the movie.

If that were the case, I might trade with my Mother, who is retired, but is always busy and “on-the-go”! I would enjoy sitting in her Brazilian hammock chair that I bought her a few years ago, and that she rarely sits in because she is too busy?! Isn’t that what is supposed to be the great part of retirement..less” busy-ness”? Anyway, that way, I could enjoy the rest in my mind, and her body could get a rest! So…now I just need one of those magic fortune cookies…

Wacky Wednesday

April 13, 2016 4:56 pm
by: Hammock Friend

Bliss hammock and hammock standThis was a wacky, windy, Wednesday for sure! It was warm and sunny this morning, so I headed out to my Bliss Hammocks quilted hammock, under the maple tress. Just after I got comfortable, with a book and a water bottle, the wind started whipping around like crazy! The new leaves were flying around, some being torn from the trees!

I said “I’m outta here”! and back in the house I went. I started to do some cleaning, and later, I look out…wind calm as can be? Okay, I’m happy, so back out I go! This happened two more times! I finally gave it up and decided this is a “Wacky Wednesday” and I am just not meant to lay around in my hammock today!