The Bounty Of Autumn

November 23, 2011 10:23 am
by: LiZa

The colors associated with fall and Thanksgiving are beautiful colors of oranges, reds, yellow, and golds. Interspersed with these are greens and browns. These colors are vibrant and also fun to decorate inside with. Because I love to eat healthy, I enjoy this season of harvest for its several different kinds of apples, as I live near many apple orchards. Did you ever eat a pear apple? Very unique and delicious!

I also enjoy adding a few touches of  fall and harvest time inside the home. One thing I do is put a big bowl of fresh apples and pears, mixed with colorful gourds, on the dining room table for a centerpiece. It also encourages the family to grab a healthy snack! The fruit, of course, not the gourds! Another piece of decoration I get out for the fall is a Mexican hammock with fall colors. It makes a beautiful, yet comfortable accessory in the family room.

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