Backpacking Hammock For A Deserted Island

November 18, 2013 11:39 am
by: admin

Travel hammockWe live very busy lives today. We run from place to place to get everything done that we believe we need do. We are so plugged in that we hardly notice the change of the seasons and the beautiful colors of the leaves in the fall.

In the winter where I live it is dark when I drive into work and dark when I drive home. During these times I often will consider what I would pack if I was going to live on a deserted island in a warm climate. I find this fun to do and always have something new that I would consider bringing. Lately a frisbee made it to the list to play with my dog. One thing that makes it to the list every time is one of my backpacking hammocks. Lying  in the sun is my main goal. My travel hammock is light and I can carry it in my backpack anywhere I want to go on that island!

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