True Love

February 15, 2015 3:38 pm
by: LiZa

hammock-chairSince it’s Valentines weekend and the theme is love, I was thinking of a movie I saw this week. It was actually out of the box office, but I saw it in a budget theater. It was The Theory of Everything. It was about the life of Stephen Hawking, the brilliant physicist who authored several books, and his first wife, Jane Hawking.

In my opinion, it should have been released as a Valentine movie, because I felt that it was a story of true love. I felt there was true sacrificial love from both Stephen and Jane. I found it be a beautiful love story. In fact, I am so interested in them now that I have downloaded Jane Hawking’s book, Travelling to Infinity: My Life With Stephen by Jane Hawking, on my kindle. I am hanging out this afternoon in my knotted hammock chair engrossed in this book!

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