Family Day

December 5, 2010 7:45 pm
by: LiZa

Sunday is our family day in my home. We set this day of the week aside to spend special time with our children. We cannot work, unless it is beautifying our home, all together, but no computer work, paperwork, house projects, etc. Sometimes this is hard because we feel busy, but just making this day special gives us, Mom and Dad, a break, but also makes our kids feel important.

Today, we hung out at home, ate lasagna, cleaned a little bit, then went to the movies this afternoon. We also decided to bring our big Brazilian hammock, called the Gigante Hammock, in our house because it is too cold to stay outside and we all like to pile in it for reading, etc. We have had some special times doing this. We have picked a spot in our “fort” above our garage. We are going to insulate this room and put heat up there. There are some big beams we can hang it from. I am so excited!

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