A Warm Home For An Arc Hammock Stand

February 1, 2011 9:01 am
by: LiZa

We have recently finished an addition to our house with a large great room. We painted the walls green because I liked the color. When it was finished, I asked my husband to bring in my hammock chair and stand to place in the corner. I enjoyed it so much this past summer, I couldn’t say goodbye for the winter!Since we didn’t have furniture picked out yet, he decided to bring in the arc hammock stand also! The hammock matched my walls perfectly!

It sure is a large piece, but the room is large. I have enjoyed it so much this fall and winter! My whole family has! My youngest slept in it one night for a special treat he had to earn because it was a “school night”! Another night we had an overnight teenager friend who was happy to sleep in the hammock! I have enjoyed reading in it and just relaxing. I am not sure if I want other furniture yet! Well, at least this winter, my arc hammock stand has a warm, and dry, home!

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