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Happy Hour Part 2

June 5, 2012 9:18 pm
by: LiZa

So, after a great happy hour last night with the girls, “sisters”, tonight I was alone, yet remembering all the fun and laughs we had. My whole family was gone here and there and I was home alone, so I decided to enjoy my solitude this evening.

So, I had my own “happy hour”, which involved sitting in one of my hammock swings, as we did last night, and reflecting on all of my blessings in life. Feeling very grateful and peaceful, I just enjoyed the evening as the sun went down, and dusk came. The birds became quieter, except a couple that were squawking above me in the trees. I was so relaxed, my head started nodding. Then I realized, it’s been a great but long day, and I am ready to hop in bed!

I love sitting in my hammock chair! Sitting out and swinging gives me the inspiration I sometimes need.

At first, taking art was challenging. I just didn’t seem to have the creativity everyone else had. But I started hanging out in my swinging hammock chair and ideas just seem to come left and right!

I’m in a lot of advanced classes at school, and as much as I love it, I can’t help but feel it gets stressful! Plus, having track on my agenda every day gets tiring. When I got home afterwards, I dreaded doing my homework. Then my Mom got me a hammock chair for my birthday! It was one of the best presents ever!

I just love sitting in it, and doing my work is way more fun now. My friends come over, and it seems I can’t get them out of it! It’s way cool! I’m hoping this summer my Mom will get a couple more hammock chairs. That way, we can all hang out in them together. It will be awesome!


Yes, I had a front row seat to the Grammy’s last night! Right in my own family room, swinging from my hanging hammock chair in the corner! I’m sure it would be amazing to actually be there, but I was quite satisfied from my comfortable spot, cuddled up, legs stretched out, just “hanging out”.

I am always amazed by the talent that is in this world. These people are truly blessed with gifts to share with the rest of the world. It was a cold, windy night here outside, and I couldn’t think of anywhere I would rather be than in my new KW hammock chair!

A Welcome Chair

September 26, 2011 8:23 pm
by: LiZa

The weather around here has been a bit rainy, unfortunately. I have been so anxious to get out on the bike trail and ride my bike! It was a week today! I rode thirty miles with a special friend, then we had a wonderful Italian lunch! The only thing I would do differently would be to not eat the whole bread basket! But I was starving until we had lunch!

At the end of this wonderful day with beautiful, summer weather, I slipped out to my KW hammock chair. I crawled in, and stretched out. I love the way you can stretch your legs or curl them up under you while in the chair. This was the ending to a perfect day!

I have realized that I really miss reading just for the fun of it. Not the newspaper, a parenting book, etc. I just miss reading a novel just because I want to, strictly for enjoyment. I am trying something new this year as part of my resolution to relax.

I hung a hammock swing in the corner of my bedroom from the ceiling. It really didn’t take up much room either! I have a stack of books by my favorite authors that I used to read B.C. ( before children). Now, before bedtime, I take a nice warm shower, get a cup of chamomile tea, and sit down in my newest favorite chair! I read for half of an hour or so, until I am pretty sleepy. Then I crawl in bed and turn out the light. I have been sleeping like a baby and I feel like I am treating myself to some “me” time!

Out with the old…in with the new! A new year has rolled around! A new chance to “start over” and make some positive changes in our lives. We want to make health improvements, maybe lose weight, etc. Well, one simple and enjoyable way to improve our health is to RELAX!

We are going to look for some new ways this week to start finding little opportunities here and there on a regular basis to make relaxation a priority. We are all busy, so these times may be short, but they are so important! One enjoyable routine to start if you have small children is to take them on your lap in your hammock chair before bed. You take 15-30 minutes to read to them and rock them. Then place them in bed for the night and they will sleep peacefully. You will feel happy and peaceful too .

We’ve had beautiful, warm weather for several days here in Pennsylvania. Unfortunately I’ve been inside working during all the daylight hours this past weekend. Today was a pretty fall day! The sky was sunny with occasional periods of clouds. This afternoon turned very windy! With fall here and the leaves turning colors and dropping, this made a sight to see!

I was busy doing a little neglected housework when I looked out and decided that I deserved to just sit in my hammock chair! So this is exactly what I did! I sat and stretched out my legs and just watched the whirlwind of leaves whipping all around me. The wind was causing me to sway nicely also. This is just what I needed to regain my balance after too much time indoors!

Another great idea for a hammock in the home is a hanging hammock chair. These are especially nice when space is an issue, taking up less space than a recliner!

The hammock chair can be hung with a chain from an S hook screwed into a stud in the ceiling. A nice place might be in a corner. Place a little table next to you for your drink and your book. Another option for hanging you chair is a hammock chair stand. This is a sturdy metal stand that will hold your chair. Now you can enjoy the swinging motion of your “summer chair” all winter long!