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Kite Festival

April 26, 2013 12:14 pm
by: LiZa

009This year I came to the beach for the kite festival on the correct weekend! I am so happy! It looks like a beautiful weather forecast ahead, and it should be a fun weekend!

I only miss my hammock while away. It would be nice to string up a portable hammock on the balcony but the management will not be impressed, I think?

Perfect Day

April 24, 2013 7:20 pm
by: Greg the hammock man

Travel hammockIt was the perfect day to slip one of my backpacking hammocks into my backpack and hit the trail. I rode for a couple hours, it just felt so good!

Then I found a nice quiet hollow, off the trail, and strung up my hammock for a little snooze. When I woke up, it was lunchtime! Luckily, I had that along too.

Camping Break

April 19, 2013 7:55 am
by: MyBackYardGetAway

travel hammockAs I am on a roll these last few days talking about camping, I wanted to continue on this thread.  Yesterday, I had a wonderful afternoon to myself. I really needed that time to clear my mind of the worries of the week. With a tragic event on Monday for our country, I needed to remind ourselves of the good things that happen also.

So, today, I have a bit of yard work to continue with, and I will only be taking a “camping” break in my folding hammock out back. I will take my lunch there today, when I am hungry and need a break from the glorious sun that is shining!

Camping Trip

April 17, 2013 7:39 am
by: MyBackYardGetAway

Bliss Hammocks travel hammockWhen people think of camping, they most likely imagine a tent or a camper, and staying somewhere for a weekend. That is great too, but did you ever consider camping for a day, or a few hours, or one?

Camping can just be taking your one of your camping hammocks out to your backyard, stringing it up between two trees, and spending some time there. It doesn’t have to be a big production. We can have short “camping” trips too to take us away for as long or short a period of time that our schedule allows! It is our perception that counts.


April 6, 2013 7:34 pm
by: LiZa

I love Saturdays! Just a day to sleep in, hang out with the family, catch up on stuff left over from the week. or just run around or do…whatever! Today, my hubby and I discovered a new, really just a forgotten, little park to run or walk, or have a picnic.

It sits up on a small hill and has a beautiful view of the country. I am glad to have re-discovered it now so that I can watch the valley come alive this spring! I am planning on bringing a portable hammock there this spring, also, to take a rest in!

The Big Thaw

March 28, 2013 12:33 pm
by: LiZa

Byer of Maine traveller hammockI sure hope all the snow is gone by this weekend. We just may get our travel hammocks out and have a little hike Easter afternoon, weather permitting.

It will help to work off the big Easter dinner we have planned. We don’t really need a hammock for a short trip, yet it just makes it more fun. Then we know we can relax anywhere, up off the damp ground!

Easter Presents

March 27, 2013 10:15 am
by: LiZa

Byer of Maine traveller lite hammockMy boys are getting older, so we don’t have an Easter egg hunt anymore, and we haven’t painted eggs the last two years, although I enjoy that as an adult. So, we just might do that later in the week? It is different when they aren’t little anymore.

Yet, I enjoy them in a different way. For instance, my oldest teenager volunteered at the church to help with the egg hunt for the little ones, and that makes me proud. They still love candy, though! So, they are getting candy and a new nylon hammock for their outdoor activities this year.

Spring Weekend

March 23, 2013 7:22 am
by: Greg the hammock man

Bliss Hammocks travel hammockIt’s early in season, but I plan to go hiking today with the boys. We all need to get outside and get into shape after the winter. The boys love it but they will grumble a bit!

Kids can be so lazy nowadays, not like when I was a boy, I was outside constantly. We are taking our backpacking hammocks along, as these kids are going need a break this afternoon!

CentralParkNewYorkToday is the first day of spring! It is finally here! The season of new life, beauty, and hope. We are so excited to be in New York City for this special day!

Today, our plans include a carriage ride through Central Park. Even though the trees are still bare, there will be signs of spring everywhere. I am always amazed by this huge park inside this huge city! I wonder if I could bring a portable hammock to have a rest in?

To celebrate the last weekend of winter, today is going to be a fun, family day. As soon as the weather warms up, I like to be outside. So, today we are going to a train museum! It is a perfect day to just walk around inside, taking in the sights–the boys still love trains!

Then tonight, before bed, we will all pile in one of the huge camping hammocks in the basement, and that is getting quite funny, because the boys are bigger than me now(!), and read Old Smokey by Bill Pete. This is a book we have had since they were little and we still love it!